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# Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In the WP7 library there is an interesting utility class: CivicAddressResolver. This class should help us in doing the so called Reverse GeoCoding: given a coordinate in term of latitude and longitude we want a readable address near to that place. Unfortunately there is a bad surprise: as we read in the documentation, “this method is not implemented in the current release”. So what if we need something like this, waiting for the fully fledged implementation? Since the class implements the interface ICivicAddressResolver, we can provide our own implementation, for example based on google maps geocoding api. So I created a little project and a demo application. The main class implementing the resolver is GMapCivicAddressResolver.AddressResolver. You can use it in an application awaiting for the definitive implementation, with the limitation that this implementation returns something meaningful just in the field CivicAddress.AddressLine1. Another limit is that you can’t call the blocking version of the resolve method,in any case this should not be a problem since the asynchronous call is the one to prefer.  Please check out the project here on Bitbucket. Here below a screenshot of the running app, showing a totally random address in Rome:


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