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# Monday, January 16, 2012

Here below a list of tools and libraries I consider necessary to carry on my USB key in order to be operative everywhere in a very little time:

  1. SharpDevelop
  2. NHibernate
  3. Caliburn(Micro)
  4. NInject
  5. Kaxaml
  6. SQLite
  7. Rad Software Regular Expression Designer
  8. ILSpy
  9. FlyFetch
  10. log4net


Is probably the single OS replacement for MS Visual Studio. Install and start to using it in term of minutes thanks to xcopy deploy. It reads projects in the same format of the original one ( since it uses thestandard framework libraries for reading/writing projects ).


If you can see a way to model the DB you want to use, then NH is probably the best OR/M existing in the .NET environment. As soon you have some confidence with it, it is very easy to start modeling our objects, expecially with the 3.2.x version that does not require anymore to write hbms.

Caliburn Micro

If you write UI using some XAML dialect ( WPF/SILVERLIGHT/WP7/ the new coming Win8 ) and you like MVVM, you have to look at it. Very easy to boostrap, with coroutine support embedded, I would like to use it even for an Hello World application Smile


An easy to learn DI framework. Easy and very intuitive to configure, it has some function to allow multiple components to be injected as array, and to configure dependencies from external modules. I choose it not only, but also for the wonderful home page Smile


A pad to learn and test XAML, with intellisense and preview as you type. Like xamlpad, but much better.


An embedded file based database. It handles concurrent access consistently, easy to interface with NHibernate. Unfortunately it is a native solution, so it works only in fully trusted environments.

Rad Software Regular Expression Designer

there is a lot of regex testing tool, but this is the one I use, so…


The open source replacement for reflector, It comes from the same team who create SharpDevelop. It has all the features the standard reflector has, but not yet a real plugin environment.


Is the tool I use when I need to display in UI a very long recordset, and I want to page it without rewrite every day the same code.


To use in all application, even the simplest: logManager.GetLogger(GetType()).Info(“Hello World”); Smile It is probably the .NET logger existing from the early days, with a lot of appenders already written and tested.


So this is my list, of course, another survival pre condition is having an internet access, and the StackOverflow help Smile. There is no NUnit nor a Mocking library ( as for example, Moq) since both can be replaced by custom test and mocks, but of course, if there is still place on the USB Winking smile

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