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# Sunday, 27 November 2011

In this post Ayende talk about when we should use NHibernate and he point that in almost read only scenario other approach can be preferred. I think he forget to mention the fact that even in such a scenario we can leverage a very reliable multi DB abstraction offered by NH that can help us if we think to target different data platforms. In order to me we should say that the point of decision to choose fro NH to another approach is the ability to create an entity model, and an entity model helpful to our objectives. This can also depends on how much we are confortable with the technology. Another interesting extension of the argument is, if we should not  use NH what can we use instead ? Well not for sure EF, since the reason of renounce to NH in a project should be the same to avoid EF. The NOSql solutions works only if we can completely avoid a relational database, and the pure crude ADO.NET is just ugly. An option could be Dapper,  a lightweight OR/M ( not exactly an OR/M, but almost ) that remove all the ugliness of ADO.NET and does not change the performance in comparison on using the manual data access approach. I did not tried it myself, but one of its users is stackoverlow, so this should be by itself a guarantee.

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