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# Wednesday, 28 September 2011

This is just an example helper class to create a generic IResultTransformer that allow us to convert an NHibernate result into a string[] suitable for generating a CSV. Nothing advanced, just some basic stuff and a fluent interface syntax. Let’see the class:

class CsvTransformer<T>:IResultTransformer
        List<Func<T, string>> mappers = new List<Func<T,string>>();
        Func<object,T> elemSelector = k=>(T)((object[])k)[0];
        public CsvTransformer()
        #region IResultTransformer Members

        public System.Collections.IList TransformList(System.Collections.IList collection)
            List<string[]> csv = new List<string[]>();
            foreach (object elem in collection)
                List<string> row = new List<string>();
                foreach (var map in mappers)
            return csv;

        public object TransformTuple(object[] tuple, string[] aliases)
            return tuple;

        public CsvTransformer<T> Extract(Func<object, T> elemSelector)
            this.elemSelector = elemSelector;
            return this;
        public CsvTransformer<T> Map(Func<T, string> map)
            return this;


And an example usage can be:


We can also customize how to extract data from the NHibernate returned tuple by using the .Extract method.

Easy to use and to embed as a stand alone file in our projects. What about having something similar integrating AutoMapper ?

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