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# Monday, 16 May 2011

By extending the generic helper class proposed for a generic CoRoutine in Caliburn Micro it is easy to create an helper that we can use this way:

public IEnumerable<IResult> SourceChange()
           yield return new CoMethod(() => { PriceDS = CreateDataSource(SelectedSource); });
           NotifyOfPropertyChange(() => this.PriceDS);
           yield return new CoMethod(() => { VolumeDS = CreateDataSource(SelectedSource); });
           NotifyOfPropertyChange(() => this.VolumeDS);
           yield return new CoMethod(() => { Mavg5DS = CalculateMAverage(SelectedSource,5); });
           NotifyOfPropertyChange(() => this.Mavg5DS);
           yield return new CoMethod(() => { Mavg10DS = CalculateMAverage(SelectedSource, 10); });
           NotifyOfPropertyChange(() => this.Mavg10DS);

In a single line we invoke asynchronously a method without having to crate a class implementing IResult. By the way this code is the one that creates the sources for the charts in this blog post.

The helper class is pretty easy:

public class CoMethod:AbstractBackgroundAction
        Action toRun;
        public CoMethod(Action toRun)
            this.toRun = toRun;

        protected override void OnExecute(Caliburn.Micro.ActionExecutionContext context)
It just invoke the action in the BackgroundWorker.
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