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# Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I'm working on a little project to satisfy my idea on creating a mapping for NHibernate describing the model entities in a notepad like fashion. The application I created leverage a new SDK from microsof, at present in CTP: Microsoft Oslo SDK.

The application starts from a very simple language, and starting from this creates the clsses, the hbm's and the database script ( Database script at the moment does not work... ;)

). The application deal with collections,references, subclassing, and many-to-many relationship.

Lets have a couple of screenshot, the first one about a relation Books-Authors...

  This is the hbm (whit all the mapping in a single view ):

and this the mapping ( all the classes in a view):


A sample with subclassing ( a just for fun financial model )


Well, there is still some bugs, but the application really do what expected: a lot of boring code line autogenerated from an intuitive textual DSL.
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